What’s for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

Rise and Shine!

Assorted Baked Goods…homemade breads and scones, pastries from Simple Bakery… priced as marked

Yogurt Parfait ~ Fage Greek yogurt with blueberries, nuts & granola, with a  generous dash of cinnamon, and drizzled with raw, organic honey3.5

Quiche du jour ~ served with fresh fruit … 4.25

Bagel or English Muffin ~ with jam, peanut butter or cream cheese…2.50                                                   Add an egg…1  Add bacon…2

Aunt Jan’s Cinnamon Toast…2

 Elixir of Love ~ Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar, 100% orange juice with mango, and blackberry, unsweetened carbonated water…3     Love yourself every day! 

Hot Cider or Grandma’s Hot Cocoa…2.50

Latte Love ~ steamed milk, double-shot espresso, cinnamon, mocha and whipped cream…3.25

Juice ~ Orange or Cranberry-Pomegranate…2

What’s for lunch?  Served 11 – 2 pm  Monday Through Saturday

Soup du jour…3.50

Marco Polo Rarebit ~ Canadian Bacon, Muenster, Avocado-Mayo on

                grilled Sourdough…9

Gourmet Grilled Cheese ~ Swiss, Cheddar and Tomato on

                grilled Sourdough…8

Egg Salad Sandwich…6     Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwich… 7

Gluten-free Veggie Wrap…7


*Sandwiches served with choice of chips and pickle, fresh fruit or fresh greens. 

Or opt for a salad plate instead of bread.


Dinner Dish

        Special… please ask server about our nightly dinner special

        Antipasto Plate (serves 2 +)  15

        Italian bread with seasoned extra-virgin olive oil  7

Soup du jour  4

        Homemade Crepes ~ choose your filing, drizzled with chocolate and topped with whipped cream  3 for 8




3 – Chicken Alfredo with Citrus & Roasted Almond Salad

10 – Pork Medallions with Roasted Apples and Ginger-Broccoli Slaw

17 – Grilled Salmon with Citrus Roasted Asparagus and Seasoned Potato Wedges

24 – A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner: Reservations Required,

Cost: $15/person, $25/couple


1 – Thai Chicken Satay with Jasmine Rice and Carrot-Ginger Salad

8 – Hearty Guinness Beef Stew with Rustic Bread and Cranberry-Orange Sauce

15 – Swedish Dinner & Musicale Soiree: Reservations Required

Cost: $20/person, $35/couple

22 – Sautéed Chicken with Pears, Cider & Sage and Stuffed Potatoes

29 – New Year’s Party: Reservations Required Cost: $20/person, $35/couple