Green Business

Dear Fellow Bragarian,

Did you know that BRAGII is a green business?  What does this mean, you ask?

  • Recycling: not only wine bottles, but cardboard from boxes of butter and such,
  • Compost: eggshells from our quiche, coffee grounds, and all other matter of organic left-overs from our home cooking,
  • To Go Containers: We use paper bags, paper cups, tinfoil, bio-ware made from recycled and environmentally sustainable materials.  You will never find Styrofoam at BRAGII.
  • Cleansers: While we must use a small amount of bleach for sanitization, other than that we use a vinegar/water mixture to clean.  No chemicals!!

Does this cost more in terms of actual expense and time – yes!

Is it worth is to be a responsible steward of our planet – yes!!

When you patronize BRAGII you can take comfort in knowing that you are joining us in being a conscientious consumer.

See you at our “green” Coffee House & Wine Bar!

Happy Sails! ~ Sandy