Coffee & Tea

You can order any Colectivo Coffee you’d like with weekly deliveries to BRAGII on Fridays – this way it is always freshly roasted.  Coffee that sits on a shelf is called “dead” coffee… losing the depth of it’s flavor and freshness.  Place your order now for a weekly delivery!

At BRAGII we serve only fresh, organic free-trade coffee from Colectivo.  Coffee Fact: Many people aren’t aware that non-organic coffee is heavily treated with pesitcide, so serving organic coffee is really important to us.

Our Italian La Speziale espresso machine and talented Baristas turn out beautiful and deep espresso.  Our Espresso beans, both regular and decaf, comes from Original V in Madison and our customers rave about it’s flavor.  Espresso Fact:  Espresso has actually less caffiene than regular brewed coffee.  The longer a coffee bean (actually a cherry) is roasted, the more caffiene is removed… so a Red Eye quad shot is not going to give you more of a boost than a regular cup of coffee.  Espresso is a flavor thing!

We also serve top-notch FAVA loose leaf, organic teas… brewed to perfection and enjoyed hot or cold!